Red Hill Veal

Our Red Hill farm is situated within the picturesque Central Tablelands of New South Wales. Red Hill is a beautiful sanctuary that has unique and caring husbandry practices which allow our vealers to grow in a natural stress free environment.
Raised on some of the best pasture land in Australia, our vealers graze on undulating hill sides which are filled with a combination of natural clovers, phalaris, coxsfoot and rye grasses. The beautiful temperate climate in this region allows for all four seasons to provide a peaceful and relaxing environment.
Red Hill farm has been the catalyst for the development of our unique Australian Veal program – Red Hill Veal. Our stringent and uniform set of specifications, has allowed us to develop a broader program for the sourcing of vealers that meet our strict requirements. We are now using these guidelines to source from similar farming practices throughout the prime Tableland regions of South Eastern Australia.
Our Red Hill guiding principles provide for an outstanding end product that is low in fat and of exceptional eating quality. Red Hill vealers are classed by weight to ensure that you, the end user, enjoy a light coloured meat of consistent size and quality. The delicate flavour profile of our Red Hill Veal is maximised through the natural milk rearing of the animal on the mother together with natural free range grazing on highly nutritional pastures, with no added hormones.



Homemade sausage made from Grass-fed Veal, No preservative and Natural sausage casing, Cooked (200g/pack)

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Australian Grass fed Veal / Approx. weight 200g

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Australian Grass fed Veal / Approx. weight 300g / pack

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Australian Grass fed Veal / Approx. weight 500g / pack

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Australian Grass fed Veal

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Australian Grass fed Veal / Approx. weight 2.5 kg (+/- 100g)

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