These are an interesting VDO to help you cook beef!


Stewing helps to preserve the benefits of nutrients. To cook in general. Meat is often cut into pieces. Similar size And add water to the meat. And put in the boiling pot with a lid to light the fire to slowly boil the raw ingredients cooked slowly. Water from the boiler can be used to treat food in the water as well.


Cooking with the grill. The cooked food will be cooked. Put on fire or heat. This may be a charcoal stove, electric stove may sometimes use an oven. Or set the pan on the fire to grill food. To grill it. Food may be grilled directly to the fire. Or maybe wrapped. Leaves or floats aluminum. Tips to grill meat to taste must be cooked to the surface. And try to keep the meat almost cooked. This will be soft.

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