NZ Lamb Boneless Eye of Loin (2 pcs, 500-600g)


Provenance Lamb from New Zealand (Frozen)

Categories : Lamb


Provenance Lamb, farmed in Central Otago at an altitude of 1,500 metres above sea level. Being raised at high altitude brings fatuous benefits to the eating quality and flavour of the lamb. These lambs are raised on regenerative farms (no chemical use on farm, being artificial fertilizers, nitrates, etc).

Provenance Lamb is grazed free range on mixed pastures of herbs and grasses (no chemicals are used on the soils where the sheep graze)

Mild Flavours, fine texture and a creamy after taste
Naturally tender, less shrinkage, less cooking time required
Meat aged for 21 days after processing. No mechanical or electrical tenderising is used.
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